Are you looking for a way to upgrade a corner of your garden or terrace? Then you can work with flower pots. Flower pots seem like everyday objects, but you can do a lot with them. The big advantage of flower pots is that your plants or flowers are literally in a pot and you can play with the position of these pots. Moreover, it is also possible to place these pots in greenery. You don’t have to limit yourself to your terrace.

Flower pots in the garden must be suitable for outdoor use
For your garden, always choose flower pots that are suitable for outdoor use. By this we mean, for example, ceramic flower pots that are frost-resistant, but also heat-resistant. Use permeable flower pots, which have holes at the bottom, but place a suitable dish underneath, so that the plants and soil in the flower pot can also retain water. In that sense, they are a great alternative for those who see things on a grand scale and who want to build a wadi, for example. In addition, the expert and well-thought-out use of flower pots is also a nice alternative to a rock garden. Creating a rock garden is a definitive choice for your garden, while flower pots also allow you to work modularly. By this we mean that you can move them or put them in a different context if you suddenly get tired of them. And isn’t it just fun to regularly change or give your garden a makeover?

Which shape and size fits best in your garden?
The shape or size you choose for flower pots doesn’t really matter. As long as you like them yourself. However, you can take certain principles into account. For example, it is a good idea to create a certain perspective with flower pots. Therefore, choose flower pots of different sizes if you combine several. An odd number of flower pots always works better than an even number of flower pots. To provide visual stimulation, also choose flower pots in different materials such as terracotta or glazed ceramic. Plastic flower boxes are also possible, if you want you can make a housing in wood yourself if you like this. Large terracotta pots are typically southern. Certain traders, such as this English trader in large terracotta pots, like to take advantage of this. Small pots are ideal for placing on your patio table.

Ceramic flower pots are resistant to various types of weather
Ceramic flower pots, aren’t they extra sensitive to breakage? Fortunately, most outdoor ceramic flower pots are frost-resistant. This is because they have a glazed layer. Glaze protects ceramic pots in several ways:

Against UV rays
Against rain
against frost
However, be careful if there is too much water in a ceramic flower pot, this can weaken and crack the pot.

Protect flower pots from wind and repair them quickly with waterproof glue

One factor that you have to take into account is of course the wind. A storm or a strong gust of wind can cause a flower pot to fall over and break. But luckily this isn’t a problem either. There is a wide choice of products for gluing ceramics. Make sure you choose a water-resistant glue. If you repair a ceramic flower pot with a waterproof glue, it will function as before. For example, watering is not a problem.

Ceramic flower pots: always a nice addition to your garden

Outdoor flower pots are large or small, in glossy ceramic or matt terracotta. Whichever type you prefer, a flower pot is always a nice addition to your garden and provides a nice visual variety.

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