There are many benefits that good potting soil and fertilizers can bring to your garden. The benefits plants will receive are better nutrition, firmer soil, better aeration and a cleaner environment. While good potting soil and fertilizers are not a strict requirement to grow plants, they are certainly essential aspects if you want your garden to be brimming with life. Without potting soil or fertilizers, you will often find that your plants do not grow fast enough or suffer from certain plant diseases that can lead to rotting or discoloration of leaves and limp plant residues. Virtually every gardener today and in the past uses potting soil and fertilizer just because it is a more viable option to get better plants, especially when growing fruits and vegetables.

Better nutrition
Buying fertilizer and potting soil is often done. This will make your plants bigger and healthier. The effects of good potting soil help to retain the necessary nutrients that plants desperately need, but are absorbed quite slowly. With fertilizers you can even improve the absorption rate of plants faster and at the same time replenish the potting soil. Your plants generally get better nutrition when they are planted in potting soil and provided with the right amount of fertilizer.

Firm plant medium
Plants need stable soil to grow upward, as most plants should. With the help of fertilizers, potting soil can become even firmer. That’s because fertilizers stimulate microbial activity, resulting in an improvement in soil structure.

Like any living thing, plants need air to survive. Plants cannot survive without oxygen. In order for plants to get enough oxygen, it should be placed in an open area and planted on soil that provides good aeration. Potting soil is a good example of soil that provides smoother natural aeration that helps roots absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Again, adding fertilizers can further increase potting soil’s ability to open up to aeration.

Cleaner environment
Potting soil is not only a good medium for firmness, but also a good filter medium. The soil generally acts as a filter that prevents harmful contents from reaching the roots of plants. Therefore, plant roots will only be able to absorb positive content such as nutrients and water. There are also certain fertilizers that help to make the soil cleaner that you can add to potting soil.

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